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Black Girls Brew Does Guiness

Now, this is just a bit of a post because the sheer and utter excitment of being in Dublin and drinking beer has NOT worn off.

We took the ubiqutous trip to the Guiness factory and were pleasantly surprised at both the commercialized nature of the tour and the fact that the beer really does taste better in Ireland.

The factory is in it's original centuries old location and poses quite the imposing figure on the skyline. The inside is a mix of agricultural discoveries and really cool stuff to keep beer drinkers and enthusiasts alike engaged.

The multi floor facility is graced with a cafeteria, which served up delicious food, albeit cattle call stle and at the pinnacle, a 360 panoramic view of the city, aptyl named the Skybar. The crush up there, among the wait on the lift, was a little unbearable, but lucky ones who found seats near the windows were enjoying the view.

All in all? It's a must see if you're in the area, but don't go on a rainy day. Everyone will be there!

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