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Black Girls....Brew?

​A few years (easily over 10) ago, I realized beer wasn't as yucky and disgusting as my grandfather led me to believe. I began to realize the joy of a nice cold draft on hot days, with my favorite burger, and low and behold, with non barbque foods, like, actual dinner.

Fastforward a couple of years, and I discovered Atomic Ale Brewpub in Richland, WA. I was a single gal, and enjoyed treating myself to delicious Atomic Ale'd Potato Soup, and ventured out to try a sampler of beer. Around this time, I met a guy who would later become my husband. He too had determined a recent love of beer, and so we began learning about beers together.

After several years and brewery tours, we began volunteering at the Great American Beer Festival. This expanded my eyes to even greater wonders, including the fact that there were competitions for amateurs. My husband became a homebrewer, and like the good wife I am, I followed suit.

Black Girls Brew is the result of many a night heatedly discussing the proper hop type and method for several beers, impressing my friends with their favorite styles, and generally running into other Women of Color who love beer (and other brews) just as much as I do.

If you've found me, welcome. I love beer, I hope you do too!


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